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The war in Ukraine continues to threaten the lives of Ukrainian men and women. People fleeing war need our help. Donate and help with us!

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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been helping people who have had to leave their homes. We were in the Slovak-Ukrainian boarders on the second day after the outbreak of the conflict. We provide humanitarian aid in the Zacarpathia region, where hundreds of thousands of people have found their temporary homes. In Slovakia, we help Ukrainians to integrate into our society and give them a chance at a dignified life. Donate and help with us!

The ongoing war and suffering people in Ukraine

People in Ukraine are facing physical and psychological problems; it is impossible to get used to the feeling of being threatened. The daily fear of the future and the struggle to function normally are exhausting. Please help and lend a helping hand to those in need.

More than 15 million people have fled their homes since the war began. More than one million people have crossed the Slovak border. According to current information, up to 14.6 million people in Ukraine will need humanitarian aid.

One of the most vulnerable groups are people living in the south and east of the country, including the occupied territories. They lack food, drinking water, warmth, the possibility of safe shelter, as well as psychological and medical assistance. However, internally displaced people are also at risk, having been forced to leave and fearing daily for their loved ones and abandoned homes.

The war will be entering its third year and the fatigue of the people and the west in general is enormous. The lack of finance is creating pressure. Many organisations, including ours, are faced with the decision to prioritise certain parts of Ukraine. However, this does not mean that in other parts of Ukraine people’s needs are being met.

Michaela Ptáčková, People in Peril’s humanitarian worker

The war is ongoing and we need your support to act.

Long-term support is key in an uncertain situation

The nature of the assistance has changed to long-term activities that enable an improved quality of life.
Without donors like you, we couldn’t do it.

Assistance to Ukraine so far

  • In total, we estimate that we have helped more than 217,500 people in Ukraine.
  • We have delivered around 3 800 tonnes of material aid to thousands of people affected by the war in eight regions of Ukraine. We have regularly delivered fresh and non-perishable food, hygiene products as well as non-food items such as mattresses, electrical appliances or other necessary materials to pile construction sites, collective centres and other facilities.
  • We delivered 2,652 tonnes of firewood destined for 600 families during the winters of 2022 and 2023.
  • Under the protection programme, we have conducted more than 11,600 interventions and provided services to approximately 20,000 beneficiaries. We organized 11,000 hours of leisure activities for children, and supported rehabilitation and educational children’s camps for more than 1,200 children.
  • Our mobile teams provided professional assistance in all 6 raions of Zakarpattia region.
  • We repaired and equipped 20 children’s areas, 20 bomb shelters to make them suitable for children and also built 20 playgrounds in the Zakarpattia region.
  • For 1,830 internally displaced people, we improved housing conditions by renovating or furnishing and helped create accommodation for 1,047 people, including 40 children from the orphanage. We provided equipment for 32 modular homes, supported 5 local organisations and initiatives to distribute winter clothing for children.

Aid and inclusion in Slovakia

  • In addition to border assistance, we provided psychosocial assistance to more than 4.7 thousand people in Slovakia, more than 44.5 thousand people participated in our community activities
  • we have implemented more than 15.5 thousand assistance interventions for them
  • we help people with employment, education, dealing with the authorities, health care, psychological support or solving everyday problems
  • we have opened our own help centers, where people can get together in the community and form friendships or spend their free time in a meaningful way
  • we have created safe spaces for the children in the accommodation facilities, we organize leisure activities for them or help them to learn Slovak
  • we actively provide psychosocial assistance in 4 regions in Slovakia
  • we operate a telephone infoline, through which they can contact us

Arrange accommodation and meals is a low standard. People need assistance to integrate into our society. It is not enough to be in contact only for the first few days. They will need accompaniment until they find a job and are able to become independent.

Lenka Zápotocká, Head of the Department of Social Integration Programmes at People in Peril

The enormous solidarity of the early days is slowly receding, but the need for help is not. We are not abandoning those who still need our help. Join us, help with us.

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