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The war in Ukraine continues to threaten the lives of Ukrainian men and women. People fleeing war need our help. Donate and help with us!

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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been helping people who have had to leave their homes. We were in the Slovak-Ukrainian boarders on the second day after the outbreak of the conflict. We provide humanitarian aid in the Zacarpathia region, where hundreds of thousands of people have found their temporary homes. In Slovakia, we help Ukrainians to integrate into our society and give them a chance at a dignified life. Donate and help with us!

The ongoing war and suffering people in Ukraine

Even after more than a year, it in not clear when the war will end. People in Ukraine are facing physical and psychological problems. The daily fears about the future and life are exhausting. Join us and help those who are in need.

More than 15 million people have fled their homes since the war began. More than one million people have crossed the Slovak border.

In the beginning, people were under a lot of stress. When we did leisure activities for the children and drew with them, the drawings were dark and murky, very reflective of the war. Then in the summer the situation calmed down a bit and people started to think about what to do next, how to get a job or whether they would go back. When Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure intensified, we went back again.

Andrea Najvirtová, director of People in Need Slovakia

The war is still going on, and we need your support so that we can act.

Long-term support is key in their uncertain situation

The nature of the assistance has changed to long-term activities that enable an improved quality of life. Without donors like you, we would not be able to help.

Help in Ukarine

  • we have helped 150 000 people in Ukarine
  • we delivered 3 500 tonnes of material aid in the form of durable and olso fresh food
  • we regularly deliver aid to 25 hromadas in Zakapratia region, irregularly to 50 hromadas
  • we peovide psychosocial support in 25 hromadas for about 15 000 people
  • 38 projects for reconstruction of accommodation in proper condicion
  • we have supported more than 32 local initiatives, strengthening local capacities for mutual assistance

Help and iclusion in Slovakia

  • we have provided psychosocial support to more than 10 000 people
  • we help with employment, education, dealing with the authorities, health care and everyday problems
  • we create safe spaces for children in accommodation, leisure activities
  • we run a telephone helpline for remote help
  • we actively provide psychosocial assistance in 4 municipalities in Slovakia

Arrange accommodation and meals is a low standard. People need assistance to integrate into our society. It is not enough to be in contact only for the first few days. They will need accompaniment until they find a job and are able to become independent.

Lenka Zápotocká, Head of Department of social integration programs in People in Need Slovakia

The enormous solidarity of the early days is slowly receding, but the need for help is not. We are not abandoning those who still need our help. Join us, help with us.

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