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What we do

People in Peril is a non-governmental non-profit organization whose goal is to help those who need it most. Since 1999, we have been giving a helping hand to people whose various circumstances rob them of their dignity and freedom. To people who suffer from the consequences of wars, victims of natural disasters, or those who live under undemocratic regimes.

We do not only operate abroad. Since our establishment, we also help people who find themselves in a crisis situation in Slovakia. After joining forces with colleagues from the Czech branch of People in Need, since 2016 we also support people from excluded communities, whose poverty pushes them to the margins of society. We work with both young children and adults. We educate, provide job counseling, teach financial literacy, help clients build dignified housing and press for changes in public policies. Through educational activities, we also try to contribute to building an open, tolerant and solidary Slovak society.

Where we are helping

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