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Global Education

Our world is constantly becoming more and more connected, more sensitive to any flutter of a butterfly’s wings. Each of us has some influence on the lives of people from the opposite side of the globe. Just as people from other parts of the world influence us. In order to get to know these connections better and to be able to positively change the environment around us and the entire planet, we need to better understand the processes that control it.

Global education tries to approach the complex relationships of interconnectedness of societies, countries, cultures, history, environment and economies in today’s globalized world.
Global education is not only about learning about global topics, but also about developing the ability to think critically, look at things from different perspectives, express one’s own opinion, work in a team, resolve conflicts or form attitudes. It brings new participatory didactic and methodological approaches. It helps people to be better prepared for life in a dynamic, connected and globalized world. It is very important that education in schools is not only theoretical, but also leads to the practical use of acquired knowledge, competences, skills and attitudes in real life. This is what we strive for in global education, which also leads to greater empathy, solidarity, respect and responsibility. Since 2004, we have been creating methodological and didactic materials, connecting, training teachers, supporting, analyzing and recommending measures for good implementation of global education in formal education in Slovakia. During that time, we have directly supported more than 3,000 teachers, tens of thousands of students, we actively cooperate with institutions, funders and the media. You can find more about (not only) our activities in the field of global education on the portal

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