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Human Rights

Development cooperation materializes in the support of people who are trying to get out of poverty and develop further. In our projects, we are dedicated to the education of children and women in countries with a weak educational level, we help with the restoration of the livelihood of farmers, with food security, and we encourage more active involvement of people in public life.

Our organization has been interested in the state of human rights in the world and in Slovakia since its inception. In the world, we mainly follow the events in regions that are close to us due to our historical experience. Today we mainly monitor the situation in Cuba, in the past it was Belarus, North Korea, China and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

However, unlike most organizations, we do not engage in global monitoring of human rights violations, but through individual projects we try to improve the observance of human rights and freedoms and spread awareness about them at home in Slovakia. In Slovakia, as part of the protection of human rights, we mainly monitor topics such as racism, discrimination, intolerance, human trafficking, minority rights and extremism. Since 2000, we have been organizing the festival of documentary films about human rights, One World.

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