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We learn in global contexts

An educational program in which we support male and female teachers so that they can meaningfully integrate global education into their teaching within formal education in Slovakia.

When cooperating with teachers, we focus on two main ways of working with global education, namely through specific topics such as climate change, migration, extremism, poverty or minorities, or through a subject approach that inserts a global dimension, topics and methods into already existing standard subjects such as the Slovak language, mathematics, geography, ethical education and many others.
“Dear friends, thank you for everything you have done for us. The education was beneficial, informative, modern and inspiring. Education is in great need of such activities.” Participant of online education for the subject Slovak language and ethical education from spring 2019
An essential part of both approaches is the emphasis on a constructivist approach to learning, which rejects frontal teaching and focuses on participation, i.e. the active involvement of pupils in the educational process, learning by experience, in which the teacher plays the role of a kind of guide to learning, which leads to the setting of educational goals State educational program. Such procedures help to overcome the isolation of individual educational areas, teach to discuss, argue, defend one’s opinions, come up with one’s own ideas and develop the ability to cooperate with each other, which includes not only a substantive, rational approach to solving problems, but also the ability to critically accept other people’s opinions and correct one’s own .
“I would like to thank you for what you are doing. You do thoughtful things, aimed at the future. You try to implement them honestly. You are open to all comments and new ideas. Thank you for that!” Participant in the conference on Global Education on April 24, 2019 in Banská Bystrica
  As part of this educational program, we publish manuals, create educational activities, train, conduct long-term online courses, connect teachers, create analyzes and develop the methodological-didactic, informational and attitudinal potential of the teaching staff. You can find more about Global Education and our work with teachers on the website