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Youth education

Young people are naturally interested in the global issues they live by, even if they may not be able to name them that way. At school, in the family, among friends, or in public space, however, they are not given enough space, or they are full of inaccuracies, half-truths, political motives, abbreviations, stereotypes and prejudices.

At the same time, the school environment is still, despite the declared efforts, very narrowly focused on knowledge and skills, while competences and the formation of attitudes are at the edge of education. This often leads to the fact that young people do not know how to orient themselves in an overwhelming amount of information, which without relevant competences such as critical thinking or media education, as well as formed attitudes (for example, acting in the interest of the community and the planet) can be overwhelming, produce apathetic attitudes, or lead to extremes. And that is why we work with this youth. Most of our activities are aimed at “multipliers” of education, but part of our work is also direct education of youth at seminars, trainings, summer school, with the help of volunteering, supporting local campaigns, or working in excluded communities in order to build the self-confidence of these young people, on which we also use experiential pedagogy.
The children experienced that they can conceive, plan and implement a real project, and that it can have a real impact in their communities. Shoshana Chovan – Psychologist and participant in the Heroes program