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03 Oct 2022

New friendships are formed in Žilina: How do we help people from Ukraine with integration?

Several months have passed since the arrival of Ukrainian men and women in Slovakia. At People in Need, we were aware that these people have settled in different parts of Slovakia, and that is why we are trying to pay attention to them intensively in several regions. Our colleagues, not only in Žilina, are constantly working on activities that facilitate integration in Slovakia for people from Ukraine of various age categories. Take a look with us at what they managed to organize in the Ukrainian House in Žilina in the last week. As we reported last week, our colleagues in the Žilina region continue to help people from Ukraine with finding work, accommodation or enrolling children in kindergartens and schools. Several of them already live in private apartments or flats and pay their own rent. These people are already largely integrated and have jobs, thanks to which they are able to pay rent, for example. In addition to helping with administrative matters, we continue to work on the integration of people from Ukraine into Slovak society. We know that each age group has different interests and seeks a different circle of people. For this reason, our colleagues in Žilina deal with children, teenagers and seniors separately. During the past week, together with Ukrainian and Slovak seniors, they visited the Rosenfeld Palace and Lida Mlichová’s bookshop. Their trip took place on the day of the Senior Festival, where they went to enjoy the performances of the Žilina seniors, as well as good coffee and dessert. Next time, together, they will take a look at the University of Žilina, which senior citizens want to visit.
The trip was attended by Ukrainian and Slovak senior citizens
Ukrainian House volunteer Natalia from Ukraine, who runs creative workshops, works with children from the age of 11. These are very popular with children, regularly 10 or even 15 of them visit there. For example, last week on Friday, children made cats in warm fur coats made of wool. At People in Need, we make sure that children have access to the necessary tools and can freely engage in creative work.
Creative workshops are very popular with children
We also do not forget the teenagers that our colleagues took to the Laser Arena in Žilina.We wanted to have fun, as most teenagers attend a Slovak school in the morning and a Ukrainian school in the afternoon. They are tired, but since their mothers still hope to return to Ukraine in a short time, it is difficult to finish school in Ukraine. They want to have somewhere to return – to the same class, to the same friends,” said our colleague Nina.
Everyone enjoyed the laser game
They always look forward to meeting her because their meetings are fun and friendly. Gradually, Slovak teenagers are also involved in the activities, and they are building new friendships with their Ukrainian peers. “The language barrier is not a problem at all. Children are brought together by teamwork, as in the laser arena, where two teams fought against each other, and interests, such as sports. They support each other, it’s beneficial for all parties,” added Nina.