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23 Nov 2022

We are and you are part of the Biela vrana Award

This award is symbolic and belongs to all Slovak men and women who in some way lent a helping hand to Ukraine after the outbreak of the war. The organizers of the Biela vrana (White Crow) wanted to thank them for their dedication and daily commitment, often at the expense of their own comfort or families. At the 15th annual award ceremony, the awardees were encouraged by a speech by the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová.

Our director Andrea Najvirtová (left) with President Zuzana Čaputová (centre) and her colleague Tímea Stránská (right), PHOTO: Biela vrana
Our director (left) during her speech, PHOTO: Biela vrana

Standing up in historic moments

Our director Andrea Najvirtova represented all the organizations and individuals who helped us People in Peril.

This year’s awards ceremony was held in the spirit of empathy, courage and bravery of individuals who can come together to perform acts of kindness. The challenge of the evening was: To persevere in historic moments, to find the strength to do our best!

Posters of the White Crow

A tribute to all those helping

For the first time in its history, the Council of Biela vrana has decided to give a symbolic award to anyone who has in any way assisted Ukraine in the struggle for their freedom, or tried to mitigate the effects of the war.

We are proud to claim the award, along with our colleagues and fellow volunteers and the donors who have helped. We share the award with other exceptional people, representatives of civil society, who rightfully deserve the award and who have contributed their grain of sand to help the hard-pressed Ukraine, and with all the Slovaks and Slovak women and men who have lent a helping hand to Ukraine in any way they can.

Thank you for every courageous act you have done to help within your means. Thanks to your help we could and still can help Ukrainians and Ukrainian women!