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10 Oct 2022

We received the Honorary Superbrands award

  We have had successful months at People in Need. Not only did our team grow, but we also confirmed that we can pull together and support each other, even in times of crisis, such as the war in Ukraine. We believe that our work has meaning and we see the results of our efforts with our own eyes every day. That is why we are all the more pleased with the Honorary Superbrands award. It was received by our director Andrea Najvirtová at the gala evening.  
Our director proudly accepted the Honorary Superbrands award
At People in Need, we are happy to be able to help those who find themselves in need. We are also pleased that our work is noticed by the people around us and that we can inspire others. On Thursday, October 6, our director Andrea Najvirtová took part in the 10th anniversary gala of the Superbrands awards. She proudly accepted the Honorary Superbrands award. “Five years ago, when we were thinking about the way to communicate our work in the People in Need organization, I didn’t even think that the day would come when I would receive the Honorary Superbrands award for 2022. I am happy that we can inspire other people by communicating about our work. The award belongs to all my current and former colleagues, all individual and corporate donors, supporters. You are helping us to help,” said our director.  
We are very happy about the award
Only brands that have passed a strict selection process can be nominated for this award. The commission is made up of leading and recognized marketing and communication experts who pursue two goals: to present examples worth following for all who want to develop and be inspired by the best, and at the same time to highlight exceptionally strong brands. In Slovakia, the Slovak Superbrands award has been awarded for ten years. It conveys the history of the success of the most popular brands in Slovakia to professionals and the general public. The international Superbrands Awards program was established in 1995 in Great Britain. Today, this respected award is given in almost a hundred countries. We are all very happy about the award. At the same time, it is a motivation for us to continue with meaningful work.