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10 Sep 2021

We launched the project Gender equality for Roma communities

On September 9, 2021, an introductory conference entitled Norwegian Funds for Women (not only) in the East was held at PKO in Prešov. During the following years 2021-2024, together with the partner organizations MyMamy, Esfem, Žena v tiesni and the Prešov development agency, we will focus on preventive and educational activities in the Prešov self-governing region at primary and secondary schools on the topic of gender equality. The aim of these activities is to raise the awareness of pupils, students and the general public in the topics of gender equality, the elimination of negative gender stereotypes, the promotion of proportional representation of women in decision-making processes and political participation, and last but not least, it will point out the importance of a balance between work and personal life for both gender. At the opening conference, the speakers included representatives of other leading organizations in Slovakia, such as Trojlístok, EsFem, Žena v tiesni, Vyrovnávanie šancí and MyMamy. We presented a total of four projects on which they will collaborate over the coming years: our project Gender equality for Roma communities, Women’s rights are human rights, Different paths to equality and Escape from (co)dependency. The invitation to the opening conference was also accepted by Mrs. Jana Dacková from the EEA and Norway Grants Department at the Ministry of Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic. “We believe that it is the basic human right of every individual to live a life in a couple relationship without violence and fear,” summed up the idea of the entire initiative by a colleague from the MyMamy organization. The project Gender equality for Roma communities, which was supported by Norwegian grants and the Slovak state budget, is implemented together with EsFem and Vyrovnávanie šancí.