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21 Sep 2022

Teambuilding full of learning and inspiration

Over the last few months, our team has grown considerably. Last week’s team building, during which we consolidated the collective, but also took over our work in the organization, was important for us. While playing games together and completing various tasks, we not only got to know each other, but also learned about the importance of teamwork. The two days spent together gave us the motivation to continue helping those in need.
We all enjoyed the team building very much
On Monday morning, we visited the magical environment in Chalúpkovo, which became our new home for two days. In cooperation with Hanka and Juraj, who prepared a day full of action, fun and learning for us, we started the first competition task. It really warmed us up in the cold morning. Later, we all became one team and worked together on various tasks – someone assembled furniture or a bicycle, others solved Sudoku, others tried puzzles and riddles. One of the tasks was to learn Ukrainian, which our colleagues really enjoyed. The surprise was the musical duo of our colleague and colleague. We all found an activity that we enjoyed and developed our skills and thus contributed to the team.
Our colleagues built a functional chair
We also got a taste of teamwork during the last task – to build a functional pipeline. We had to redistribute the work so that each and every one of us put a hand to the work. We managed to do it in record time, which made us all very happy. Hanka and Juraj ended the day with us with an interesting game in which they showed us how important each of our roles in the organization is and why it is important to work together. Throughout the day, we wrote several reflections on the activities, thanks to which we became aware of our strengths and weaknesses and how to further work on ourselves.
We were all involved in building the pipeline

Teambuilding in the sign of inspiration and new friendships

During the second day, we focused on the functioning of our organization. Again we split into smaller groups where we drew two ships – one representing how the organization works today and the other ship representing how we would like the organization to work. In this task, we practiced our artistic skills, but above all, we looked at the organization through the eyes of other colleagues from different departments. Later, together we presented our ideas on how to work to improve the running of the organization.
We presented our ideas to each other
We all enjoyed our time together. While some met after a year, others got the opportunity to meet their new colleagues for the first time. “Several of us met after a year, many of us for the first time. It was nice to meet as a team. I’m glad that people felt openness towards new colleagues, enormous energy and motivation for the work they do at People in Need, as well as determination to handle this challenging phase of growth that the organization is currently in,” said our director Andrea Najvirtová. After the team building, we are all full of energy, ideas and motivation to get back to work.